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This legendary and still popular two-seat cantilever low-wing ultralight aircraft of mixed construction with 3-wheel fixed landing gear still retains its elegant aerodynamic design although many structural and technological modifications have been applied since the first version was produced. In course of time, the original aircraft design became completely different. It still retains its prominent position on ultralight aviation market due to its strength quality and attractive design. More than 200 pieces of Zephyrs are successfully operated in many countries.

Since 2001 we have offered lighter modification of Zephyr 2000 taking advantage of carbon composites partially applied on its structure. The original Zephyr 2000 was re-named to ATEC 122 ZEPHYR in 2007. Although its design, performance and spacious cockpit give the feeling of higher weight category aircraft, in fact it joins the ultralight category thanks to high quality carbon technology, which guarantees excellent strength characteristics. Maintaining high safety factors, this plane complies even with the most strict weight limits and regulations.


The main difference between Zephyr and Faeta is the wing structure, wing´s aerodynamic characteristics and construction materials. Zephyr´s wing profile is identical to Faeta, but its structure is combined of fiberglass, wood and polyester fabric.

This aircraft maintains high rigidity and performance, but various materials applied make it affordably priced. These are usually valuable advantages especially for pilot schools.

Zephyr is very fast and manoeuvrable aircraft which provides high comfort of spacious heated cabin giving safety feeling to the crew seating side by side. The cabin is possible to adapt to pilot´s figure by adjustable seats and pedals.

Small windows situated over the luggage compartment on both sides of fuselage provide better view and give the feeling of open space. Lightweight, but rigid construction allows the plane to be equipped with a modern rescue ballistic system.

We pay attention to user´s comfort and satisfaction, so we offer a large range of interior and exterior custom design modifications, optional equipment and custom layout of instruments on the dashboard as it corresponds with user´s wishes, needs and habits. Our intention is to let the client express his creative ideas applied on custom design and configuration of his new machine. 

Because of significant advantage of low fuel consumption, our aircraft can be effectively used not only for comfortable travelling, business trips, but also for towing gliders. It is very popular plane in pilot schools due to its easy control, manoeuvrability, manipulation and low-cost operation.