ATEC 321 FAETA - Traction Planner

Aerotow version is equipped with towing gear connected to TOST E 85 release mechanism, rope release lever. On side of the fuselage is mounted the rear mirror (easy removable), which enabes easy monitoring of the glider. The aircraft can be alternatively equipped with sophisticated version of digital INTEGRA system including minicamera installed on the tail. This comfortable option enables video monitoring of the glider on Integra screen.


The Rotax 912S UL engine with maximum power of 73,5 kW when 5800 rpm and max. continuous power of 69 kW when 5500 rpm is used as towing drive unit. The aircraft is equipped with Fiti design Ecocompetition fix propeller of 3-blades with the diameter of 1,63m. As to assure more efficient engine cooling, the additional oil radiator including independent NACA inlet and oil circuit thermostat is installed.


Take-off distance with glider aerotow of 750kg MTOW : 550 m
Altitude reached after 600m from start point : 15m
Maximum climbing rate with glider of 750kg MTOW : 1,75m/s
Optimum speed of aerotow (depending on glider type) : 100 - 120 km/h (55 - 65 kt) 
Average fuel consumption in aerotow : 15 - 18 l/h
Maximum flight range in aerotow when max. fuel level of 70l : 450 km

Start and take-off distance of aerotow can be 15% longer in case of high grass on runway or rainy conditions.

Performances listed are considered when 750 kg of take-off weight. It may vary depending on flight performances and characteristics of towed glider.

towing gear
towing gear camera