Excellent flight characteristics, light weight, multipurpose use, easy maintenance, manoeuvrability and long operating life-time are the main benefits of the Zephyr – a legend which is still popular worldwide. Zephyrs are frequently used in flight schools and aeroclubs and some of them are still in operation for almost 10 000 flight hours.

Light weight is advantage especially in countries with very strict weight limits, which is for example Finland. Last year, the next Zephyr was delivered to one of the biggest Finnish aeroclub having long-time experience with this plane also in training of new pilots. The empty weight was 297 kg incl. rescue system, which enough complies with Finnish rules. Next new Zephyr is now prepared for delivery to Spain.

But, the original Zephyr undergone many upgrades over the years. The cockpit was improved by small rear windows and the airframe, except the wings, has now all-carbon composite structure. But also fiberglass wings with fabric coating were improved. Their leading edge is now made of solid carbon composite.

Furthermore, the price of this timeless legend is simply unbeatable!